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21 July
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New profile coming soon folks, I promise!
a global threat, alexisonfire, andre's last chance, anti-anti conformity, anti-conformity, anti-flag, assorted jellybeans, at the gates, atreyu, autem, b.c, bane, bass guitar, beer, belvedere, bigwig, bombay sapphire gin, bouncing souls, bradley nowell, burden, casualties, catch 22, chalk outlines, children of bodom, choke, choking victim, cigarettes when drunk, closet monster, comeback kid, complete, crispus attucks, d.o.a, dbs, dead kennedys, death by stereo, deville, dillinger escape plan, dissent, emo, flogging molly, floorpunching, fordirelifesake, forties, gaffer, george carlin, gob, hardcore, heineken, hornby island, hunter's revenge, huskavarna, icarus line, in flames, incubus, ion dissonance, iron maiden, keener korner, kid blink, kid dynamite, kid icarus, knox, learning hard songs, leftover crack, less than jake, lights below, lynn strait, mad caddies, marlinspike, marylin's vitamins, mathcore, means to an end, mideck, minor threat, mohawks, moneen, moshing, mr.solid, nintendo music, nofx, none more black, oi polloi, operation ivy, osoyoos, paint it black, playing my bass guitar, playing shows, poetry, power rangers, propagandhi, protest the hero, punk, punk ideals, punk rawkas, rage against the machine, rain, raised fist, rancid, real metal, red light sting, reel big fish, refused, reserve 34, rise against, rival schools, rufio, s.h.a.r.p's, screamo, sex, sharp teeth, shows, sidesixtyseven, silverchair, sixblockradius, ska, skanking, skateboarding, slayer, snowboarding, soccer, spawner records, spirituality, strife, strike anywhere, sublime, sunset on broadway, surefire, system of a down, the casualties, the fullblast, the johnsons, the planet smashers, the red light sting, the retaliation, the retreads, the subhumans, the witness protection program, three inches of blood, thrice, thrift stores, tim, tool, unity, unseen, voodoo glow skulls, wesley willis, wishing well, writing songs, youth of today, zeke

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